Sunday, 26 May 2013

Box ticked - Edinburgh Half Marathon is done

Half marathon done and done well! Done well for me at least. I got around in 2'19"32. Get in my son!!

Even better, I feel like I could do it again next year. Last time, it took me ~7 years to consider doing it again. Lol

This photo is of me and my wonderful Mr. CT, without whom I would not have fared so well. He believed in me and pushed me out the door for training runs, spurring me on to do well. An excellent coach.

Whilst awaiting the start gun, I chatted to the chap next to me. He had arrived from Canada The day before, was running in a kilt and had raised over $8,000 for Diabetes Canada. What an impressive individual. I so hope he enjoyed his run.

Right know I am cream crackered and my joints are stiff; but I'm about to eat ice cream direct from the tub with a big spoon. Happy days.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

One of my main goals in life

Money? Success in the workplace? Travel? Property portfolio?

Nope, happiness and companionship would suit me. Better that I remember it sometimes ;-)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

EMF half marathon

My race number has arrived! Must be real then huh?! The race is a week on Sunday and I am excited and nervous in pretty equal measure.

I ran my first (and only other) half 9 years ago in a time of 2'32. For the longest time I was embarrassed at how long it took, until Mr. CT suggested I consider how many people complete one full stop. Gosh he is a great person to know. I'm hoping to do this one a bit quicker,  but we'll see.

It has been interesting to see how I have found the training this time compared with last time. I didn't run before the first one. I played hockey, but didn't run per se. I could eat what I liked and get hardly any sleep and it wouldn't affect me much. I started running after my step brother died, to act as a distraction/way of dealing with the myriad of feelings that brought with it. This time, I have a half in the bag, so that anxiety about being actually able to do it isn't there. But, if I miss lunch or stay up half the night or have a couple of drinks the night before the training is hard (er)!!! This time, I joined up so that it would stop me from working late. That worked, sometimes... :-)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Unexpected opportunity

I was in Manchester for work today; so I got to be part of the crowd that welcomed the team into Albert Square. I don't follow football at all really, but it was still something else to experience that. Sir Alex Ferguson is a good example in loyalty if nothing else!

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Yesterday evening a very close friend and I went for some pampering at Harvey Nic's. My friend, who always has *at least* one finger on the pulse, heard wind of an event being sponsored by Grazia and Harvey Nic's. The idea was simple- head along at 18:30, have some bubbles, and see some demonstrations about new trends in make up. A brilliant plan for catching up with a great girlfriend. :-)

We had a cocktail in the upstairs bar (which is nice and airy) to celebrate my friend getting offered a new job. Then sauntered (via an elevator) downstairs for the show. A couple of glasses of bubbles later and we found ourselves at the Chanel counter speaking to two great gals. We both came away with treats, which is just what the doctor ordered.

My treats are a bronzer and a coral lipstick. I never thought I would wear either of those, but boy do they make me look healthier (colour! Hello my old friend! This winter has been loooong).

I also sampled a couple of nail polishes, with April (pinkie) and Paparazzi (thumb) being my favourite.

Before anyone thinks I'm sounding a bit Sloane Ranger here I should throw in that I don't really buy much make up, so when I do I splurge.  My current foundation was bought for our wedding 3+ years ago (I don't believe in 6 month expiry dates lol).

All in all, it was a total treat that perked us both up no end. The feminist in me was not just held at bay, but seen preening at one stage (or three). I walked to the bus stop with my head held high and feeling confident.  Lush. And you know what? I was so inspired to create. Cue contented sigh.

It's amazing what the company of great friends can do.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

To lace or not to lace

This is my latest creation in the making. I sewed some lace along the bottom edge to hem the dress, and then wondered if perhaps I should leave it showing.  What do you think?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wedding cake buildings

Edinburgh is filled with buildings that look like wedding cake. Yum, cake! This one (the Balmoral) probably has wedding cake in it at any given time, and definitely has good alcohol inside (like all the best cakes do). I know this for definite because my girlfriends and I have been known to sample their cocktail menu on more than one occasion. But I digress.

Aren't these flowers pretty? They complement the lines of the building so nicely and draw attention it to really well. No mean feat given all the construction around the city at the moment.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The brainfog is lifting

This photo shows that the creative part of my brain is coming back to life. Hooray.

She was like a neglected plant as a result of work taxing my brainpower and spare time.

Oh, the world is good again. Hurrah.