Monday, 25 July 2016

On finding love within a sea of torment

Whilst driving to a meeting today, I listened to an INSPIRING interview with Roger Waters (he of Pink Floyd) on BBC Radio 6.  

During the interview, Waters discusses the seminal hit “another brick in the wall” and about how he feels it is more relevant now than ever before.  

Speaking about the current state of the world, Waters implored listeners not to be the berk at the top of the wall looking out, shouting (paraphrased):
“it’s them! They are creating the problem! If we kill them we will solve the problem!!”


During my drove home from my meeting I heard the news a number of times.  

Not once did it say anything positive; rather it chose to reflect only the scary, the bleak, and the depressing news in our world.  More attacks, more deaths, and more unrest.  

I felt OVERWHELMED by despair, anger, and confusion: despair at how things are unfolding, anger at the (apparent) global lack of compassion and love towards our common man, and confusion about what to do.


Then it struck me!  This wee, unassuming (dormant!!) blog could be used to create my own curated part of the universe that reflects good things in life.  This is not to dismiss or belittle any of the torment, disharmony, unrest etc; but to remind myself that there is love out there.  
I don't know what format this will take, or for how long, but I felt compelled to do something.