Thursday, 12 March 2015

Travel | New York City

Part two of our holiday was spent in New York, in the coldest temperatures that I think I have ever experienced.  It was bitter folks, bitter!  We had a great time though, and interest is definitely piqued. 
Empire State

Battery Park

Ice in the Hudson

New Jersey

Frozen boulders

Squirrels - cute internationally

Statute of Liberty, from the WWII War memorial

September 11 Museum

September 11 Memorial

Heart drum in Times Square

An original chequered cab

Manhattan & the Brooklyn Bridge

Lady Liberty & the Brooklyn Bridge

Some of the many snowdrops that fell on us

St Patrick's Cathedral

Wall art, 5th Avenue

the home of NYFW

the Guggenheim. Red would have been crazy!

standard lighting at Grand Central station

Grand Central Station

chandelier at the Eugene O'Neill theatre

cameo at the theatre

Frozen fountain at Brrrr-yant Park

NY Public Library - reception hall

M&J Trims - just around the corner from our hotel!

the giant needle and button of the Garment District

statue remembering the Jewish influence on the Garment District

Alice and friends, Central Park

our stop for the Frick Collection

the view outside our hotel as we left for the airport


  1. Wowzers! That looked so crazily cold. Looks like it didn't hold you back from sight-seeing in anyway though! xx

    1. It was the coldest I have ever been, including time spent up the mountain skiing! Was great though. It did limit us a little, we didn't go up any of the tall buildings or out to Staten Island and a couple of other things. I had wanted to go to NYC as long as I could remember though, so I was pretty stubborn! ☺

  2. It has been bitterly cold in the US! Despite the cold, your trip looks like it was so much fun. Did you pick up any fabric??

    1. So cold! I still actually can't believe how cold it was, and how good other people were at dealing with it; haha. I did indeed get some fabric, some fake fur for a snuggly rug, some brocade and two bits of silk. Lovely souvenirs!


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