Sunday, 26 May 2013

Box ticked - Edinburgh Half Marathon is done

Half marathon done and done well! Done well for me at least. I got around in 2'19"32. Get in my son!!

Even better, I feel like I could do it again next year. Last time, it took me ~7 years to consider doing it again. Lol

This photo is of me and my wonderful Mr. CT, without whom I would not have fared so well. He believed in me and pushed me out the door for training runs, spurring me on to do well. An excellent coach.

Whilst awaiting the start gun, I chatted to the chap next to me. He had arrived from Canada The day before, was running in a kilt and had raised over $8,000 for Diabetes Canada. What an impressive individual. I so hope he enjoyed his run.

Right know I am cream crackered and my joints are stiff; but I'm about to eat ice cream direct from the tub with a big spoon. Happy days.


  1. Well done Rachel, what a cool time, and to think you want to do it again is a sure sign you're hooked my dear!! Now enjoy some rest and a very healthy glow! You deserve it

  2. Thanks ladies, very kind of you both! I'm contemplating running the Baxter's Loch Ness 10 km in September... we'll see!

  3. Congratulations! that is a fantastic achievement! I could never ever run that far ;)

  4. Congratulations! That is so impressive!!

  5. I can't believe I didn't congratulate you for this. I thought I had. UGH. Silly brain.


  6. oh my goodness, no need to apologise Mela! You have a lovely family and a life to occupy your time :-)


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