Thursday, 9 May 2013


Yesterday evening a very close friend and I went for some pampering at Harvey Nic's. My friend, who always has *at least* one finger on the pulse, heard wind of an event being sponsored by Grazia and Harvey Nic's. The idea was simple- head along at 18:30, have some bubbles, and see some demonstrations about new trends in make up. A brilliant plan for catching up with a great girlfriend. :-)

We had a cocktail in the upstairs bar (which is nice and airy) to celebrate my friend getting offered a new job. Then sauntered (via an elevator) downstairs for the show. A couple of glasses of bubbles later and we found ourselves at the Chanel counter speaking to two great gals. We both came away with treats, which is just what the doctor ordered.

My treats are a bronzer and a coral lipstick. I never thought I would wear either of those, but boy do they make me look healthier (colour! Hello my old friend! This winter has been loooong).

I also sampled a couple of nail polishes, with April (pinkie) and Paparazzi (thumb) being my favourite.

Before anyone thinks I'm sounding a bit Sloane Ranger here I should throw in that I don't really buy much make up, so when I do I splurge.  My current foundation was bought for our wedding 3+ years ago (I don't believe in 6 month expiry dates lol).

All in all, it was a total treat that perked us both up no end. The feminist in me was not just held at bay, but seen preening at one stage (or three). I walked to the bus stop with my head held high and feeling confident.  Lush. And you know what? I was so inspired to create. Cue contented sigh.

It's amazing what the company of great friends can do.


  1. I know what you mean, sometimes it's great to just have a pamper in a girlie way with a good friend. I like the multi coloured nails actually!!
    Glad that you had a feel good evening, and hope it has a lasting effect

    1. Thank you, thats sweet of you. I agree, the multi coloured nail isn't as bad as it possibly should be. It's quite fun! :-)

  2. So nice to have a fun girly day out, and it's important to treat yourself sometimes. I like the nailpolish too!

  3. Thanks Carolyn! We're planning the next one already :)


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