Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sewing | Vintage | Federico Forquet Vogue Couturier Design Suit 1402

One of the reasons that I like to sew with vintage patterns is that they are so interesting.  This pattern really has it all going on, but in an elegant way: kimono sleeves, pseudo-welt pockets, front placket and matching skirt.  Of course they photos always look so stylish as well – reminding me of when flying still required the wearing of something fancy.

 The details don’t just stop at design either; check out this explanation on the pattern of the designer:

I purchased this pattern ages ago, and finally found got around to starting to sew it over the Christmas break.   The pattern, although a size 14, is neat.  It’s too small for me really, but I love the design! I sewed it all up as far as the side seams before trying it on for size.  Cue disaster. 
The darts are way too high on me.  My top finger above shows where the dart is currently ending, and the finger below is showing where I think it should be (on second thoughts, that's a bit low).  Vs for victory!  
This took me by complete surprise, and I was so disheartened.  After all my hard work, and I had really taken time on this one – going back and redoing things that weren’t 100%.  I sat (i.e. moped) for a good two weeks.  It happened just as I returned to work as well – talk about compounding problems!

Then it was mentioned on my weekly skype with Mum this Sunday past.  Mum is a very skilled sewer (and teacher), who introduced me to this wonderful hobby.  After not a lot of thought, maybe 30 seconds, Mum asked if the dart had been slashed and then suggested I unpick it and introduce the shaping as gathering instead (with a small dart if possible).  What a legend!  Now I can’t wait to try it.  I love how Mum preempted and resolved a potential further issue before posing her suggestion too – that’s a really valuable way of providing advice and one that I will try to remember in my work environment.  Ever humble, Mum also finished saying that as it was only her advice I could choose to do as I wished.  I love talking to Mum about sewing because she is such a pragmatic font of knowledge.


  1. You have a talented Mum! My mum jokes that I have surpassed her in sewing skills... The details on this pattern are quite stunning. Are you going to make the skirt too?

    1. She is indeed Annie :-) Funnily enough Mum has said the same to me in regards to some aspects of sewing... Maybe we sew differently now? I have material for the skirt, but will use a different pattern - the finished waist in that one measures 60 cm/24 inches. No chance of that fitting me any time soon! :-D


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