Thursday, 1 January 2015

Crafty | Victory Patterns' Lola dress

Welcome to 2015! We celebrated the end of 2014 in my favourite way – with good friends, in the kitchen, with ample supply of bubbles and tall tales.  We stumbled home at 0430 and I definitely paid the party tax today – didn’t wake up until 1130! 
I am slow in coming to the indie pattern part; with this being my first foray.  

I purchased Lola from Victory Patterns in hard copy form.  So glad I did that, rather than getting the pdf, because the packaging is so nice.  It comes in a wee box and the instruction booklet is printed on glossy paper.  I couldn’t fault this pattern, other than a small typo in the instructions, and it came together really quickly.  Like, less than two hours quickly.  It probably took longer to pre-launder and cut out the material than to make the dress.
After checking my measurements against the pattern, I made the 12.  It’s not as loose as shown, but that could have more to do with Christmas poundage than anything.  It will become looser as 2015 proceeds – I’m off alcohol until the middle of February which should help in that department.
Owning only a sewing machine, I cut the pieces out with pinking shears and went from there.  However, it is possible to sew almost all of this (bar the hem on the pockets) using an overlocker.  Wouldn’t that be nice!
The material used was “Beige Ottoman rib” (£4 p/m) from Minerva, and plain beige jersey from Edinburgh Fabrics for the cuffs (£14 p/m). The fabric all worked a treat and was easy to sew and press. 
I definitely wouldn’t mind sewing another (baggier) version in grey marl sweatshirting, because this has been perfect for nursing my hangover in.  Sure as eggs I will have another one of those before this year is out!

Rachel J


  1. This is lovely. I have been eyeing this pattern because of the pockets (I know it is totally silly but they look grand). It also look like it yields a garment that is pajama comfy while still appropriate for everyday life! Fabulous make! Happy New Year Rachel!


  2. That is exactly it - feels like PJs looks like a cool dress. Result! You should definitely give out a whirl.

  3. This is a lovely version of this pattern. Comfy and chic. Great work!


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