Thursday, 9 October 2014

Crafty | Hamish the Highland Coo cushion

Like the season I find myself in, my sewing is changing.  Things are happening slowly, with attention to detail and love.  As per my previous completed article, this one had a v-e-r-y long gestation period. 
Friends of ours were married last September, and early in the planning process the Bride told me her plans to have a Highland Coo outside Neidpath Castle, the venue for the ceremony. 
Side Note: How many people can say that about their wedding?!  It was fantastic and so fitting.  It was a wonderful wedding – with many little elements that reflected the nationality of the couple: Scottish and Kiwi.  
About the same time I heard about the Coo (let’s call him Hamish), I saw this pattern from the Making Spot (which sadly is no more) for a cross-stitched version that I could not resist making up for them as a memento of the day. 
Little did I know that my cross-stitching fingers were a little rusty!  And by-gum the pattern made my eyes strain – Hamish required 10 different types of brown alone.  What a voracious appetite.
Now, 54 weeks after the wedding (yes, I am very embarrassed about how late it is, but we got them a real present, don’t worry), Hamish is ready to be released into his new home.  That is if I can pry him out of Mr. CT’s arms: apparently he is very good to cuddle.  As I spent the afternoon sneezing ginger fur after trimming the seam allowances I am looking forward to having a little space. 

His fur is bonny though.
Triming Seam Allowances
Balding Aslan
Finished Article

Rachel J


  1. Awww such a cute cushion!!!! Very lovely ^_____^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Ohmygosh that cushion is totally adorable!!! I love how fluffy it is! and your cross-stitching is exquisite :)

    1. ha! Thank you so much :) The fur is ridiculously fluffy - probably about 7 cm long. I still have a bit left and I can't decide what to do with it.... is it bad manners to make oneself things with the offcuts of another's present? Rachel x


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