Thursday, 5 June 2014

Strange Success

Hi folks,

The presenter at a Project Management course I attended today said something that is running around my head as I ponder this post.

"Sometimes success is knowing when to call it quits"

That is not something I am used to hearing, particularly in a very corporate environment, but it's true if you think about it objectively.  Sometimes, the things that a client wants from a project and the things that my team and I can provide are not the same.  In such cases, it's best to realise it and bow out before things get bad.

How does this relate to a blog about crafting/travel/life you wonder?  Well, I shall show you.  Mr C.T. and I are off to a wedding on Saturday (whoop whoop!) and I had planned to make a dress from some lush lace fabric I bought back from NZ and some matching poly crepe I had in my collection (Side note: I LOVE how Carolyn calls it her collection - so much nicer than a stash, which implies to me that it must be hidden or has an element of shame attached to it).

Fabrics thus:

I had visions of making something along these lines:

This is as far as I got before pulling pin:

Which I think just looks a bit naff.  

So why is this a success and not an abject failure?  Basically because I spotted it before it was too late.  This was never going to work in it's current form.  The skirt is too gathered and too low and ultimately there was just too much going on.  However, it could still be salvaged, or at least elements of it could be.  

I had originally planned on using navy tulle and staying more true to my original inspiration (photo above) in terms of design  - not such a full skirt, floaty and yet not wide.  However, on receiving the wedding invitation I realised that the Bridesmaids would be wearing navy.  I don't know if people would care or do care about these things still, but my approach is that if someone might be offended then I don't want to be the one offending them.  If that sounds like I'm being a cowardly weasel, well, then.... I apologise, with my tongue firmly in a cheek called irony.

Also, I have a fear that the long sleeves would be hot in a room filled with people and anticipation - the wedding is being held at the Royal College of Physicians, which is a fantastic venue.  I cannot wait.  But, I know that short sleeves, sensitive skin and sequins are the three S's of discomfort, so long sleeves it is.  Plus I like that feature on the inspiration dress.  

However, all is not lost!  We have been invited to two other weddings later this year (whoopidy whoop whoop!), one of which is near Loch Lomond - what a privilege - and this design (lace + tulle) may well get resurrected to make an appearance there. 

Also, look what I realised when putting the skirt on Maisie in order to take photos:

There could be a nice (casual) dress lurking in this skirt!  Fingers crossed....!

Rachel J


  1. You are very wise. Its not easy to know when to stop. But, still we don't know what you are going to weart o the first wedding!

    1. Ha! Snapped!! ;-) I finished it last night.... Not sure that "wise" was necessarily true at the time - I was snapping like a banshee whilst I paced the house for no real reason other than to release angry energy!

  2. Oh my! You sew a lot of beautiful formal wear!! And such scary fabrics!! And draping and designing !! I am in awe. Sorry, just realised! It's all amazing and it's a great insight into your design process. Looking and sounding great. Look forward to several more glam posts to come!!

    1. For some reason, my friends and I go to lots of things that need glam frocks (which is great fun!) - probably due to rugby, work events and weddings (4 this year - woo hoo!). It definitely doesn't always go to plan, but I do love sewing for these types of things. I tend to wear the same (made) things to work over and over until they fall apart years later!! ☺


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