Thursday, 19 June 2014

Skirting the Issue

Hi folks,

How are we all?  Did any readers have the good fortune to go to the Minerva meet up?  I wish that I had been able to, but things conspired against me.  Maybe next year!

Sewing has been a little off piste for me lately – I didn’t even scratch the surface of my MMM14 plans, but hey-ho that’s OK.  I did after all make a doomed wedding outfit and a good wedding outfit (but didn't get any good photos).  The one thing I did make from my MMM14 list was a skirt, using part of this vintage pattern (that I've used before).

Why was a pattern used for such a simple shape?  Just to check proportions really, plus this is more of a bell shape than a rectangle.  I could have eyeballed it, but I like the feeling I get from using a pattern - it's like a security blanket!


I had few requirements stylistically for this skirt - full, deep hem, fairly long. So, tick, tick, tick!  Loads of fabric though - this is 150 cm wide, and I used the entire width (and could have done with more) for each piece.  It is so good for swirling though, so it's worth it in my mind!

I'm not sure which is my favourite


  1. Very nice. I love the deep hem and the gorgeous colour.


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