Friday, 14 February 2014

Sewing in NZ

For the past month I have been very lucky to have been on holiday in NZ.  We went home to attend the wedding of one of my cousins ​​and made ​​a real holiday of it by catching up with friends in Melbourne and Dubai That have moved away. It has been a wonderful holiday That I am actually looking forward to  going back to workTel on Monday!  Whilst away, we've seen some amazing sights - here are a few samplers for you

The view from my step-sister's house. Ridiculous, is not it
The view from her lounge - I wouldn't put curtains up either
View from Paekakariki , along State Highway 1
Wellington, and the Cable Car
In Wellington CBD
Native trees at Zealandia
Native bird at Zealandia - a Takahe
The view from Waimangu Thermal Valley
Dubai - from the Burj Khalifa

As well as doing touristy stuff and hanging out with friends / family, I have been sewing like a trouper.  I've signed up to a challenge Started by an American lady That Spans the globe - it's really quite impressive - which basically entails us not buying any ready-to-wear items for a year.   We're allowed to buy underwear, socks and stockings.   It's been interesting so far.   Packing for a month long trip was definitely more stressful, as my normal catch phrase of "I only need a toothbrush, passport and purse "does not really apply in the year of the RTW fast.   But I survived.   actually I left the UK with material I wanted to sew into things, and almost all of it got sewn up.

Of course I also bought some more ... supporting the local economy via souvenirs and all
 Some of my souvenirs

I'll do some individual Posts for these, but whilst away I made ​​four dresses (three self-drafted and one Named Dakota), a pair of trousers (Burda magazine), and a blouse.  I did not manage to squeeze in time for the knit dress I've had cut out for about four years .... Maybe that's telling me something!   Here is one of the dresses I sewed from a pattern in my head.   The other is the outfit I made ​​in Edinburgh to wear to the wedding - and my thoughts on the holiday in general.

My Jane of the Jungle dress - I love it.
I wore it for the entire 16 hour flight to Dubai and was so comfy 

My wedding outfit and general view towards the holiday
Happy sewing and travels my friends!

PS This was written in Dubai where everything on blogger was written in Arabic, so apologies if it is a little weird at all - I'm traveling somewhat blind!

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  1. I meant to tell you how jealous I was of you when I read this post. What a beautiful holiday location. Ugh! I want to visit New Zealand so much.

    And great fabric purchases. Fabric makes the best souvenirs, I think.


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