Saturday, 10 August 2013

Plain Sailing

Empirical evidence would suggest that simple things seem to suit me best.  The evidence is purely that I receive more compliments when wearing simple things compared to "fussy" things.  Maybe they are just easier to understand.

Case in point.  This dress always gets commented on. Always.
This pattern, from 1969, is described as Simple to Sew. "The button trimmed dress with back zipper and shaped bias roll collar features a pleat below left front seam simulating an opening.  V.1 has short set-in sleeves and welts.  V.2 is sleeveless".  There are a couple of these available on Etsy, if you are interested.

I made version 1, without the welts.  I don't like superfluous design details, and these welts are not connected to pockets.  I could have made pockets, but they would be silly sitting there and imagine if I put a hanky in them - I'd have a big lump on my hip.  Erm, no thanks.

The design is cute and clever - the fabric is only cut wider at the start of the pleat, so there isn't any excess fabric above that point.  The sleeves hit at that most flattering point - above the elbow at the point where the bicep kind of goes in and before the bingo bit.  Simplicity 8541, I think I may like you a little too much.

The Good:
The fit of the sleeve: length, width, height.  The silhouette, length.  The way this feels to wear.  You might know what I mean, wearing this dress makes me feel happy and like I don't have a care in the world.  Nice.

The Bad: 
I sewed this straight from the packet (not knowing how much ease would be included) and it was too big.  Way too big.  So I took the required excess out of the side seams and recut the armscye and went from there.  I shaved off a little too much.  This dress definitely lets me know how much sport I've been doing lately.  By the looks of these photos, not enough (for my liking). 

The Ugly: 
Nothing.  Yay!


  1. No wonder you get compliments on this one. Its lovely. Great colour too.
    I like unfussy too, but get sucked in to other styles all too often

  2. Thanks Sewing Elle! I get suckered in far too often as well. Especially if the frippery involves interesting sewing techniques...!

  3. The color looks gorgeous on you! You really made it work after all you had to take in.

    The ease in the Big Four patterns are crazy large. I made a skirt and had to take it in by 4 or 5 inches. Nuts!

  4. the Big Four really do run, um, Big huh! ;-) so frustrating too...


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