Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Vogue Vintage Vogue Competition – An Update

Remember back when I wrote that I had submitted an entry to the Vintage competition being run by Sew Today Magazine?  Well, I would never have thought that I would be writing a post like this.... but, I am so chuffed to say that I was awarded a place as runner-up!  I can’t remember the last time I entered anything, let alone got a prize!  I am over the moon, and also more than a little embarrassed.  I was archetypal over-achiever at school, but always used to get quite embarrassed if I won anything, and sulk like mad if I didn’t.  Must have been a joy for my parents/ siblings, non?

Anyway, my prize pack included a year’s subscription to Sew Today and two patterns of my choosing.  I tooed and frowed (how is that spelt?!) for ages, thinking: I should get one of the really outlandish patterns, that I would never normally pay for... but then I figured that the cheap part is buying the pattern, so I should really choose ones that I would actually make.  So I plumped for:

     Vogue 1324 as I have had a crush on this skirt and blouse combo ever since it came out, and I have appropriate fabric lurking (read: making me feel guilty) in my sewing room

         Vogue 8804 as I have been wanting to make (read: test my sanity to breaking point) a Chanel inspired jacket since seeing the movie about Chanel with Audrey Tatou as Coco.  I also *ahem* have fabric for this in my sewing room (blushing madly).

As an aside, I would REALLY like to make Vogue 8858 for next year’s Burns Supper, but 7 metres of material is really putting me off, not to mention all the hems that are bound to be on the edges of all those flounces.  And ultimately I’m a tad worried I wouldn’t end up having the chutzpah to wear it and it would hang forlornly in my wardrobe (which let’s be honest, has a disproportionate amount of evening wear given that I am not a society gal).

As a further aside, do other hobbies give pleasure and guilt in equal measure?  I mean, sometimes I look at the fabric, makes, patterns, books and various other accoutrement's in my sewing room (thank heaven it’s a boxroom!) and think – I could have done something serious with all this!  My wonderful husband maintains sewing is serious.  There is no doubt in my mind; that man is a gem made especially for me.

First and Second prize went to two ladies who really knocked things up a level:
  • The winner of first prize inserted a lace panel in the back (very on trend for A/W 2012/13) shortened the skirt and used a different fabric (and colour I wager) from the original pattern.

  • The second prize went to a lady who took a pattern with a readily recognisable vintage style and changed it completely through fabric choice and by essentially changing the skirt from beyond full to straight.  This has such an impact on the end result!

To me, both of these examples taught me a few things in terms of design: how important perspective and relative scale are, and how fabric choice can impact overall design.  I had never thought of making either of these changes to either of these patterns (not that I’m suggesting my ideas should be the litmus test for whether something is clever or not – rather this is evidence of the lack of creativity I have for a creative person).

The prizes for first and second place were sewing machines.... so guess what I’m hoping Sew Today will do next year?  Yup, run the competition again.... Hey, I never said I was bashful  ;-) 


  1. Congratulations! That flamenco dress is pretty amazing, but I'm sure you'd get more use out of the two you chose! :)


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