Monday, 23 July 2012

My international sewing parcel of mystery!

Imagine my delight when I came home to find a parcel waiting for me, which had come all the way from the US of A.  Cue excitement!  It was my present from the very witty Prttynpnk (who resides here).  How sweet!  Here are the items she kindly gave me, and a loose set of plans for each of them:
Vintage Notions: 14 cream and gold buttons and four plastic slides.  The buttons are perfect for closing a blouse that I have been thinking about making for about 3 months now (ever since my favourite one went in the wash with something navy....).
I think I'll use the slides as closures on bags for my two youngest nieces.  I'm picturing bags for their lunches in some bright, fun fabric. 
Gorgeous floral fabric: this is so soft to the touch and has a lovely drape.  It would make a lovely blouse or skirt - I just need to decide on a pattern :-)
Sumptuous pastel paisley: this is a big square with edges like a scarf.  I am tempted to make a rolled hem around each edge and turn it into a lovely scarf.  The colours are lovely (probably not done much justice in my photo I'm afraid) and the material has a ridge in it which makes light glance off it in interesting ways.  Couple that with the silky feel of the fabric and the colours, and I think it would be a flattering scarf on me.  But is that a waste?!  After all, it could be a pretty blouse as well!

Two vintage patterns.  These are simply fantastic and I can see multiple versions of each in my wardrobe!  I can see these for both work and play.  I can't decide which is my ultimate favourite, but I think it *might* be the yellow on the left... or is it the highly adaptable on the right?  

Thank you so much Prttynpnk!  You managed (with not much to go by given how new to blogging I am!) to gift me things that I love, are a challenge and that suit my style.  I can only hope that you enjoy your parcel as much when it arrives - which I hope is very soon if it hasn't already.  I must say I was quite daunted when I first started to think about what to get you - your posts are so humorous!  But it was your critiques on fashion shows that finally got me.  I love them by the way - brilliance!

Thanks also must go to Kerry for this wonderful, well managed event.  Not only did I get this lovely selection of sewing pressies, but I found some more wonderful blogs to look over - never a bad thing! 

So, thank you very much ladies!


  1. Ooh what a lovely selection! Great patterns :)

  2. Lovely lovely! Can't wait to see what you make ...

  3. Wasn't I so lucky! I was chuffed to bits with the whole thing - great swapping partner, great fun looking through her blog and finding gifts and then huge excitement at getting a parcel in the mail!

  4. lucky girl..

    Im going to Edinburgh tomorrow.. let me know if you want to get some coffee.

    1. Exciting! Are you here on Sunday as well? I'd love to meet up but I'm on a hen do today...

  5. You were so lucky, great parcel.


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