Saturday, 9 June 2012

On my Work in Progress pile

I am slowly making progress on my entry for the Vintage Sewing competition....

The bodice is keeping Maisie partially modest thus:

With the remaining pieces cut out and ready to go:

All that's left is for me to make some time, ha ha.  Our household has been host to a number of visitors lately (including separate visits from two friends from School/Uni days, and two in the form of a 24 hour 'flu); two new jobs to consider (whoop!) and general mayhem.

It's months like these that I take my hat off to anyone that has more than two people in their household!

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  1. Well Rachel you have obviously given yourself enough sewing time before your deadline because I get no single hint of panic or pressure. Sounds like you are still in the "enjoyment" phase, & hopefully that's what it's all about. Good luck with the next stages :-)


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