Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cool Decoupage: Comical Shoes

I have some pale beige shoes that I never wear and which are sitting taking up valuable space on my shoe rail. The other day I thought to myself how fun it would be to have some shoes which had comic characters on them, and I suddenly thought of these shoes, sitting there, wasted.

So, I got myself some glue, comics, decoupage  varnish and some paint brushes and set about making myself some new shoes. 
The ingredients

The comics I chose were two Batman stories. This took a fair amount of consideration if I'm honest, because I didn't want anything too goth or too childish or too, *how shall I say this nicely?* (sod it) fetish/sexy like - Batman seemed the best option on balance. First up, I made sure the shoes were clean.  Then I ripped up pages from the phone book (came in handy after all!) and stuck the little bits all over my shoes.  This provides a base for the comics both in terms of an even background and something to adhere to.  Then I picked pictures with sufficient commonality to make sense and glued them over the top. Next I 'varnished' the shoes with clear nail polish (multiple times).

Here's the finished article (pre varnish - the loose bits don't stick out anymore):

I'm contemplating sticking on some trinkets a la Irregular Choice shoes, but fear that's when they go from being quirky/cool to being daft.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

On my Work in Progress pile

I am slowly making progress on my entry for the Vintage Sewing competition....

The bodice is keeping Maisie partially modest thus:

With the remaining pieces cut out and ready to go:

All that's left is for me to make some time, ha ha.  Our household has been host to a number of visitors lately (including separate visits from two friends from School/Uni days, and two in the form of a 24 hour 'flu); two new jobs to consider (whoop!) and general mayhem.

It's months like these that I take my hat off to anyone that has more than two people in their household!