Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Charity Swishing Event in Edinburgh – Please Come Along!

Do you fancy purging your wardrobe and getting some new threads, all whilst raising money for charity?  Well if you do, consider coming along to the Swishing with Hula event that is being held on Thursday 19th April (i.e. a week tomorrow) at Hula (on the corner of Victoria Bow and the Grassmarket).

I’m organising it with two friends, in an effort to raise money for Save the Children.  We’re hoping that it will be loads of fun for us all and successful for the charity… Fingers crossed!

This might be a novel idea to you, so have a look at these “Rules of Engagement” for an idea of what is (planned) to happen….

Do please consider coming along, and let me know if you have any queries!



  1. Fab idea! I hope I can make it!

    1. I hope so to - out would be lovely to see you. We're hoping to set up an eticket page to sell tickets (via paypal). Tickets are going to be limited though....which I should really have stated, oops!

    2. What great fun! If only I was a local....
      By the way lovef your collars and tried to leave a comment via phone but it was not playing. I thought they were lovely, and ti have a collection with different styles for different occasions_ marvellous!

    3. Oh thank you! I've been trying to leave comments on a number of your posts lately, but keep failing. I've been loving what you've made and the chuckles your posts have provided!


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