Friday, 9 March 2012

Serendipitous Graffiti

Well, wouldn't you know it but last night I saw two things that really tickled my fancy apropos International Women's Day.  I had such a fun, action packed evening; meeting new people, discussing new events, running into acquaintances on the street (what a lovely coincidence that was Debi!) and then going out for dinner with friends. 

My first stop was to meet a friend and one of her pals at the Fiddler's Arms down in the Grassmarket.  We were meeting up to discuss an upcoming event at Hula cafe - a swishing night.  I cannot wait.  More details to follow when they are a bit more concrete....  anyway, the Fiddler's Arms is a great place to meet people - great music (they were playing the Black Keys when I walked in - destiny!), ambiance, wine list and decor.  

Which brings me to these photos: two things that remind me to make the most of me (and you and you and you etc etc)

the best bit of graffiti I've seen in a while
a lovely compliment for anyone, don't you think?
What are the best bits of graffiti you've seen, or best compliments you've been paid?


  1. Was FABULOUS to run into you!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

  2. hehe loved it..
    i cannot recall what is they best I seen.. I will be on the lookout for more !

  3. Yep, love it - me too will have to look out - sometimes public toilets can be inspiring, but frequently completely the opposite!!


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