Monday, 20 February 2012

I know what I want, just not what type....

Have you ever purchased apiece of fabric with a particular use in mind, and then gone off the idea, only for the poor fabric to languish in a plastic bag all forlorn? I do this at an alarming rate. I think it has something to do with having more ideas than time. Often, I'll have a *great* idea at the start of a season, buy the material, and then by the time I find to make said item I have lost all my confidence and then struggle to make anything at all. Harrumpf!
So to my current dilemma:

Wool,£15 per metre, Mandors
I originally purchased this medium weight wool to make into this cape: 
BurdaStyle 10/2011/11
I was dubious at the time, as I worried that I would hate a cape if I made it. Potential reasons for hatred being:
  • feeling like I'd be in costume when wearing it...
  • sticking out like a sore them when wearing it...
  • looking the size of a (brown - pebbledashed?) house when wearing it...
  • not knowing what kind of handbag to wear with it...
  • not wearing it as a result of the above; and therefore wasting time and money...
The model doesn't look like a dork wearing hers, but then she and I have different shapes... I'm not saying I'd like hers or anything,  just that they are different; and I wonder how the pattern and I would get on.

Hence why this fabric waits and waits to be transformed. Here are the other patterns I am toying with.  

BurdaStyle 2/2012/11

Vogue 2538 from 2001
Vogue 2147 from who knows when
Then today, I saw this offering from Vivienne Westwood (I have a crush on her style), so now I'm back to thinking maybe a cape would be good:

What do you guys think?


  1. I think if you can find a pattern for a cape with a partial belt like the Vivienne Westwood one that is the best of both worlds - a cape that can look like a jacket. Burda have had a couple I think if you have any past issues. I have the same issues as you, if I don't make something straight away I have self doubts and change my mind hundreds of times and end up doing nothing!

  2. Thanks Allison, it's nice to know I'm not alone on this! Especially from someone with such an impressive back catalogue. Good thinking with the belt too. I'll have a look back through the many Burdas I have and see what else I can find.

  3. Do it! Have you tried any on in shops to see how you feel in them?
    Having perused cape option before making my own, I felt that a belted one rather than arms-sticking-through-the-holes-one was less of a jump from a jacket. When I had tried on vintage capes of this style I felt silly in them, though I love how they look on others. Also, you might want to consider length. Again a shorter cape might look more modern and definitely less dramatic if you're not wanting your outfit to scream "I AM WEARING A CAPE, EVERYONE!!' :)
    The pattern I used for mine was New Look 6007

  4. I love your cape Kestrel, it's what's making me think making a cape is a good idea. Considering length and trying some on are good pointers. I'll keep you posted in the journey!

  5. I agree about the fab-ness of Kestrel's cape after seeing it at the Crafters' Ceilidh!
    I do this too. I bought some black herringbone wool to make a little capelet in early 2011 and it has not happened. I kind of lost the urge. I have realised that unless I strike while the inspiration is hot I tend to chicken out. Hence the speedy purple shorts!

  6. Do the cape. Do it. Make an awesome-sauce loud lining inside. Carry a clutch. Wear elbow length gloves. Rock the planet. Do it.


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