Saturday, 11 February 2012

Boule Dress (BurdaStyle 09/2011/132)

It makes no sense, but I keep thinking of this as my 'Boule' dress. Boule, as in the game old men play in Europe with silver my minds eye, the type of guys that are in the 70s, have a cheeky glint in their eye and have deep belly  laughs each time one of them tries to chat up a 20-something year old girl (knowing full well that they have no chance of success).  The type of guys that kiss their mates because they are just so lovely and happy... I don't know why, but it does.

Now then, with that  out of the way, I made this dress in January whilst I was back home in NZ. Ahh, sewing on holiday, listening to birds and eating kiwi junk food.

Material used:
       40% Silk / 60% Cotton blend (lightweight and fluid)
                                     2m at 150m wide
                                     $42 per metre, but purchased at half price. Yay!

Notions:                 Interfacing, thread 

Notes on the pattern/drafting/sewing method:

The design detail in the front is formed by creating a seam within the dress.  Unlike what I originally thought, the bow is purely for aesthetics.  I originally thought that it was used to draw the two sides together, in order to create the pool of fabric.  This meant that I got quite confused by the instructions, when in reality, the whole dress is very simple.  I’ve doctored the image below (original is here) to show how the dress looks without the bow.

Next time, I would increase the depth of the armhole, as it currently sits too high on me.  I would lower it (by extending the length of the bottom piece at the top) by a good couple of centimetres.  Other than that, the fit is good.  I am glad I cut it a size smaller, and that I used a lightweight material with a lot of drape, as I fear it would look too much like a sack otherwise.

I didn't put a zip in the side (and I can put it  on and off just fine), nor did I use the facing provided for the hem.  Instead, I sewed along the hemline with a tightly spaced zigzag stitch and then cut the excess material off, just below the line.

I plan on wearing this with a black polo-neck and stockings in the winter,  then sandals and a hat in summer.

Me looking smug for some reason!

It is pretty poofy on the side, but I don't mind!


  1. Wow this looks so good. I've seen a few other versions in sewing blog land and they all looked uninspiring and unflattering. Yours, however, is fabulous.

  2. Oh, thank you sewingelle! I saw a fewothers (after I'd cut my material out) and I was a bit I'm really chuffed with how it turned out.


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