Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Barcelona - more than just mojitos...

...in fact, we had some pretty delicious caipirinhas as well!

Given that a picture says 1000 words, I'll let these ones do the talking on the four days I spent in Barcelona at the end of last week...

Facade of Casa Batllo
The gorgeous, clean lines of the attic in Casa Batllo
More of the attic
Chimneys and handrails at Casa Batllo (I like how he got around a corner using straight rods)
Light fitting - reminds me of an anemone
Balustrade and sky lights
Gate at Park Guell 
Park Guell - isn't it like something out of Hansel & Gretel? 
An opportunistic pigeon at Park Guell 
Ceiling fixture - Park Guell 
Pigeons and matching flowers - Park Guell 
The classic with the crazy - Park Guell 
The heavenly ceiling of the Sagrada Familia - such a beautiful interior 
Some of the many stained glass windows of La Sagrada Familia
We had such a fantastic four days in this wonderful city.  I was appalled and embarrassed at my lack of Spanish though.  "Que cierra la por favor" plus a big, honest, friendly and hopeful smile saw me through a lot luckily. 


  1. WOW! Amazing pictures! What beautiful buildings and architectural details? Did you find any sewing inspiration there?

  2. Thanks Kristen - it's such a beautiful, vibrant place it's hard not to get at least one good photo!

    If anything, I was inspired about colour. The plants were in bloom and there was so much desigual stuff being worn that colour was everywhere!

    I hope you're keeping well :-)


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