Thursday, 8 March 2012

Women - We're Amazeballs

I love International Women's Day - it's like the whole world is giving each other a hug for the day.  And who doesn't like hugs, really?  If you reckon you don't, I'll introduce you to a mate that gives  I defy anyone not to like them.

A little while ago, I went on a virtual shopping trip to Harvey Nic's one lunch time.  Virtual in so many senses - online and as if I can ever imagining parting with these amounts of cash for something I could make.

Did you know that the Edinburgh store tried to stop someone selling the Big Issue outside, although one of their marketing campaigns suggested buying a pair of shoes on the first of the month and then eating beans on toast for the remainder (for the record, I think the first anecdote is woeful and the second is not to be taken seriously, and therefore funny).  I did once get asked out by a dude selling the Big Issue.... I remember it making my day (who am I kidding - I'm still chuffed!)
That aside, the store stocks some great designers that I admire – not least of which is Vivienne Westwood.  I love that Dame.  (She cycles to work, in heels, and suggests that the way to do it is to cycle at a pace that does not result in a sweat being broken.  This attention to detail inspires me.  However not to the point that I would cycle to work in anything other than lycra or at a pace that wouldn't result in a sweat.  I've got a number of stonking hills to get up though…).  

I digress.  In my virtual shopping trip, I found this suuped up tshirt – by D&G, £195.  Cotton and silk mix.  Gothic and interesting with black stovepipes?  I think so.

However, in my version I made it with a bateau neckline and made the sleeves a bit different, as I didn't like the obvious seams (read couldn't be bothered setting a lace sleeve into a flimsy lace top). 

What has this to do with International Women's Day?  Yeah, not a great deal!  Although, I did learn to sew by copying my mother as a little girl.  I still covet her ability - Mum is so patient and precise, with a great attention to detail.  And she never over presses her sewing. Me on the other hand, I am great at starting a project (any project - I am the party starter at work), but I get bored easily and often strugggggle to see things through to completion whilst maintaining high levels of interest.  I have to be really careful not to rush through things at the end and ruin all the previous hard work.

Also, I'm going to wear this out tonight when I go for dinner with a  bunch of lovely ladies, and after going to the opening of Materialise in Edinburgh.  (ha ha, weak linkage, I know - you wouldn't believe I write reports for a living huh!).

Ohh, how about the aforementioned gal-crush on Dame Vivienne Westwood. I mean, look at this killer coat (ignore the dorky hat).  The fabric looks so lush, but I *think* that the collar is my favourite part of this coat – traditional and yet not.  It has just the right amount of subversion for my liking.

Whatever you're doing today, I hope you feel the love and embrace International Women's Day.  

After all, we're awesome.

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