Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Review: Vogue 1199 Skirt – Too Ease-y?

I have liked this pattern ever since it came out.  My original appeal for this skirt came from the tabs at the waist, the narrow cut, the interesting rear waistband and the little hip pockets. 

Whilst on a trip to Mandors to purchase something else entirely; I happened upon some lightweight wool, camel in colour with yellow and black lines weaved in for interest.  I love camel, but find that plain camel skirts are not very flattering on me.  My mind has images of looking like a confident and healthy 60’s beauty (รก la Lauren Bacall); but the reality is more camel couch cushion (which would be OK if that was what I had in mind...).  In fact, I recently gave a camel skirt to the Salvation Army for purely that reason.  It wasn’t making me feel great when I wore it, so frankly it was time to be rid of it.  Donating that skirt did leave me with a camel shaped whole in my wardrobe though.  What to wear with that black turtleneck, or white shirt?  So wasn’t it just so good of the stars to align and show me the camel plaid material (photo below), even though I was looking for something totally different?  Thanks Sewing Gods, you always deliver.

The pattern is rated ‘average’ and I suppose it is.  The instructions expect the maker to understand and know things, but the actual requirements themselves are not too taxing.  It’s just a collection of straight lines.  I’m happy with my matching of the plaid on the side seams (there are plenty of useful notches and lines on the pattern to enable this).  Sadly, I didn’t even think (I know, silly right?!) about doing it on the back seam until I had put the invisible zip in and noticed that the stripes were ~2 mm out in the process.  My zip had gone in well, so I didn’t want to chance removing and redoing it.  I shall prep better next time!

Front - it appears I may be standing with my tummy poking out due to said poofiness.
...not ideal!

mis-matched back, but invisible zipper...sod's law
Funny Face - but happy with the pattern matching on the seams
I did have to give myself a pep talk before making the welts for the pockets – after all, they cut into darts.  Making darts is one of my least favourite parts of sewing (they are such a pfaff!), so the thought of cutting a perfectly good dart is a tad too close to madness for my liking.  But no matter, it all worked out in the end.  I did show Mr. CT the darts beforehand just in case it all went to pot, so that he would be more able to understand why I would be nutting off in my sewing room.  

Generally it went OK, until the right hand side started to fray...
I think I will interface the area next time

The only thing I would say about this pattern relates to the fit.  To be frank, I don’t think I actually know how things are supposed to fit anymore.  I think I generally wear things too loose.  I checked the flat measurements against my own, and found that the size smaller than I “should be” (according to Vogue) was 2-3 cm bigger in key places than I am.  This is nothing new to any of us.  I haven’t sewn the “correct” size for about 16 years, if ever.  Anyhow, as this was my first time with this pattern (I don’t usually make a muslin with things like this) I bowed to the knowledge of Vogue and stuck with my “should be” size.  It ended up being OK, but I generally think it could do with being a little tighter.  My main evidence for this being that the skirt rotates as I walk; which is quite frustrating, and surely not very attractive.  Also, I could probably pull it off if I was flat-chested.  And, it gets a little poofy around my tummy – it’s like it has muscle memory and retains the shape of that area at its worst.  Ho hum.  However, it is comfortable when I sit; which is something I do quite a lot of given my 2+ hour daily commute and desk job.  And that is why I don’t think I know how things are supposed to fit anymore.  It all makes for one confused crafty traveller.

Just how much ease is too much ease?
The Good:
Flattering, relatively quickly sewn, modest fabric requirements.  Our secretary at work loves it (calls it my Rupert skirt).  It’s always good to keep secretaries in good spirits, they have such a tough job and ours is a real trouper.

The Bad:
Confusing fit

The Ugly:
Nothing (hooray!)

All in all, I really like this skirt and have worn it so much since I made it I wonder what I wore before.  

I really should make another.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

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