Friday, 28 September 2012

Basic Shazam!

Sometimes, a gal just needs something fun to wear.  Well, that moment happened to me recently.  I was sick of all the things in my wardrobe and felt like something new, with a bit of pluck.  Does anyone else use that word any more?  I love it.  As in, "doesn't that girl have a lot of pluck?!"  I can't quite decide if it's ill mannered to be plucky, but then that's me in a nutshell, so it's probably quite apt.


I liked Vogue 1304 as soon as I saw it.  Or at least, I liked parts of it...

Personally, I think this dress has a bit too much on show to ever work with me.  But be still my beating heart; the lines of that skirt had me swooning.  So, I just ignored the top.  And isn't that the beauty of sewing clothes!  The skirt is pretty short (it's at the drafted length on me, and I'm only 5'6).  I only had 1 metre of fabric so I actually didn't have enough material to make it exactly like the pattern.  So I just took out two of the pleats - one from the front and one from the back.  My fabric is quite heavyweight - it's a home furnishing satin in fact - so it doesn't hang very fluidly, but I like that.  It's lined with some bright turquoise satin. 

The pattern is easy to follow and true to size (well, by that I mean the size I normally make in Vogue fits me, but I don't make the size I should per the envelope... does anyone incidentally?).

To go with it, I made a simple white top.  This is from an old, old Burda pattern (like 14 years old - and I still have the one my mother made me from it originally!).  It's a simple batwing top made from two layers of chiffon, with the outer layer hemmed with lace.    

It is quite scandalously short - so I have to wear heals with it (and be *very* careful when I sit on a chair - i.e. only perched on the edge, like a proper lady!). The eagle eyed of you might notice that I'm wearing my comic decoupage shoes in this shot!

Apologies for the evil eyes and slight blurriness - using a mobile phone was the compromise to get Mr. CT to take these before we ran out the door to catch the bus....