Monday, 30 March 2009

The Mighty Deerstalker

The weekend before last the 21st/22nd March) saw me celebrate my milestone birthday by doing a 5km+ run up a hill and through streams. Bogging streams. Cold streams. Streams that are potentially home to local sewage and eels. GOOD FUN! I was so nervous (can’t you tell from the pre-race photo below?). Not only because I was doing it by myself as the others were doing the 10km+ one; but because I had been on maybe 2 runs since New Year. Eek.

Luckily I have been doing a fair amount on the windtrainer (bike on a stand – I must look a bit like a hamster) which makes a loud noise (think massive hornet’s nest). I ended up completing the course 15 minutes faster than last time. Which made me so proud! May I add that 15 minutes is a pretty impressive time difference over a short course. Yes, that’s right, I’m still stoked 8 days later.

The setting is Traquair House in the Scottish Borders, near the village of Innerleithen. This is a photo of the house which my friend (and future bridesmaid) Jenn took. (She’s in the nervous photo as well. She did the 10km – she is mad/awesome).

One of the cool things about Traquair House is the following legend:

The gates of Traquair House where closed by the Jacobite Fifth Earl of Traquair in 1745 after biding farewell to Bonnie Prince Charlie. He then vowed that the gates of Traquair House will never be opened again until a Stuart King is restored to the throne. Which hasn’t happened, and the gates have remained shut since 1745. That’s 264 years. So you could say that this is a great example of the Scot’s ability to keep their word; or how stubborn they can be… you take your pick!

As for my birthday? Well, I got totally spoilt by friends and family; being given loads of pressies and good wishes. I am one happy lady.

Countdown for the visit from Mum, Katherine and Claudia:
T-6 (and counting!!)